Client: Autonomous University of Durango. Dr. Martin G. Soriano

 Sariñana. MC. Araseli Villanueva Ortega. Durango, Durango. México 2015.

Surface: 8,000 m2/ 4,530 m2 cubiertos.

Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano.

Design Team: Architects. Alejandro Galindo (Project Manager), Heriberto Diaz (Render and 3d), Luis Delgado.

Photography: Cesar Gutierrez

Construction: FORUM constructora

Structural Calculation Ing. Jesús González Flores.

lightning Design: LOZ Architectural Lighting Design.

The complex is set in a lot surrounded by two main avenues, these work as a contact with the immediate urban surrounding that is also connected through and internal road that distributes the traffic and takes in common areas. Parting from these roads as governing factors, two volumes are configured following parallel to the axis of both avenues, generating a central space that dialogs with both volumes and creates an encounter point responding to the necessity of collective activities, civic acts and playground area. The first volume of oblique nature settled on the axis of the avenues contains the administrative architectonical program, a first complex of classrooms, services and a cafeteria that opens its visual towards the interior plaza through a terrace in the second level.


The second volume is located on the other end of the central plaza, it contains a complete program of classrooms and services in immediate contact with the sports areas destined to the use of elementary school. On the other end of the interior road, indoor sports facilities are located reserved for the use of middle school that follow their hierarchic line in the complex.

The construction was made in a structural system of steel. Seeking for the speed required by the client in the execution, also using the regional building system for walls, concrete blocks, the roofs for the sports complexes are solved by using tin roofs and aluminum panels. Executed with the palette of institutional colors that adapts to the surroundings with the use of red, On the main façade, this action seeks to adapt to the extrovert culture of the local community that receives the new school.

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