Client: Autonomous University of Durango.

Dr. Martin G. Soriano Sariñana. MC. Araseli Villanueva Ortega.

Durango, Durango. México 2018.

Construction: FORUM Constructora.

Photography: Visal

Structural Calculation: Ing. Jesús González Flores

Lightning design: LOZ Architectural Lighting Design.


Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano.

Team design:  Arq. Heriberto Díaz Ortega. (render y 3d.)

The Project is developed in a section that used to be the storage of a soda factory which was built in the 80s and stopped working at the end of the 90s.


We had a necessity for this structure to host a convention center. The project circles around the intersection of two lobbies. The first one is linked to the main façade and the second one takes its form when closing the retractile walls that divide the ballrooms.


By moving all the retractile walls, we manage to expose the structure that was used in previous decades, working as a single space for conventions the façade unfolds from what used to be a projection of the roof that functioned as a cover of the arriving merchandise from the buses.  A volume is generated through a box of glass that gives shape to the main façade. The general area is divided into five ballrooms that can be used simultaneously connected through an internal lobby, bathrooms and kitchens are also included in each of these areas.  In what refers to the shape, the structure and the brick walls were left untouched. The only elements that contrast with the experience of being in a storage unit are the bathrooms and main lobby by using clean materials and natural colors.

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