Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano.

Client: Autonomous University of Durango. Dr. Martin Gerardo Soriano

Sariñana. M.C. Araseli Villanueva Ortega.

 Sarinana. Saltillo, Mexico 2017

Design Team: Rene Nunez (Project Manager), Edgar Gomez and Heriberto Diaz.


Construction: Multiple companies

Photography:  Visal.

Lightning Design:  LOZ architectural lightning design.

The project is situated on the side of a highway in Saltillo where an industrial construction used for rodeos used to be, perimeter walls and tin roof from such construction were used in order to reduce the environmental impact and cost of our project. A couple of metal structure elements were added to wrap the main structure and form the new car lobby, administrative area, semi-covered playground and cafeteria.


In the interior the complex takes off from the placement of blocks designed with the intention of simulating toy houses creating this way, a playful and childish environment. At the center of these blocks it’s the main playground, looking for the interaction of its users and taking into account the monitoring of the activities the kids do here, this based on the nature of the project, obtaining a space that is functional and attractive at the same time.


The blocks of classrooms, administrative area, and central area manage to make a link between the sober and the colorful having as a result the connection of the users with the context of the project. In the center of the main playground area wind extractors were installed to ventilate the classrooms and common areas to decrease the use of A.C. in the summer.

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