Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano

Client: Autonomous University of Durango. Dr. Martin Gerardo Soriano Sarinana. M.C. Araseli Villanueva Ortega.

Durango, Mexico 2018


Design Team: Architects. Heriberto Diaz (render & 3d), Ozvaldo Medina, Oswaldo Nisihura, Aida Uribe, Julio Rodriguez, Edgar Gomez and Jorge Sabas.

Construction: Multiple companies.

Photography:  Visal.

Structural Calculation: Ing. Jesús González Flores

Lightning Design:  LOZ Arquitectural Lighting Design.

The project is located in what used to be a cocacola factory which dates back to 1984, the design is centered in the idea of keeping the industrial style already stablished, 85% of the existing construction was kept intact. Visually all the spaces were connected through interior decoration, plafonds and decorative elements were designed based on the iconography of the sports club.


The program required the integration of common areas such as reception, offices and cafeteria with the workout areas such as free weight lifting, integrated weight lifting, pool, choreography area, functional entertainment, interior biking, wall climbing, spinning and boxing.


The boxing area is an example of how we took advantage of what the original structure of the building had to offer, this area used to be a sort of a basement which had the function of mixing ingredients, here used to be two industrial containers where the mixing of water and sugar occurred.


In the second story a bridge was constructed that connects all the workout areas in this level.


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