Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano.

Design Team:  Architects. Alejandro Galindo (Project Manager), and Heriberto Diaz (Render and 3d).

Client: Autonomous University of Durango. Dr. Martin G. Soriano Sariñana. MC. Araseli Villanueva Ortega.

Culiacán, Sinaloa. México 2016.

Construction: FORUM constructora.

Photography: Jonathan Corral.

Structural Calculation: Ing. Jesús González Flores.

Lightning Design: LOZ Architectural Lighting Design.

Surface: 5,000 m2. 2,000 m2 cubiertos.

The architectural project is based in four volumes, placed around a central plaza. A classrooms block, administrative area and a multiple purposes room are the biggest components in the whole complex. The central plaza is perceived as the playground and place for fellowship in the bigger scale. The complex counts with a multi-purpose studio that seeks to cover the necessity for a playground and event area that is indoor and refrigerated, functionally it connects with the central plaza with an optional simultaneous use in some seasons of the year.


Only one entrance is planned with the intention of being able to have full control of who enters the complex because of the nature of the project. The administrative area is located right next to the entrance, from there a visual control of the immediate exterior and central plaza is obtained.


In concerns of the plastic, a ring is formed in the main façade that works as a covered area in the entrance and as a sun screen protection for the multiple purposes studio and the administrative area and at the same time as a whole with the other volumes it insinuates a toy house.

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