Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral

Client: Ing. Martín G. Soriano Sariñana. MC. Araseli Villanueva Ortega.

Durango, Dgo. México 2014.

Surface: 95 m2.


Photography: Eli Román.

Originally destined to be a storage for a garden, the project comes to be when the decision to make a loft is made which is to be compact parting from an existing structure. The new complex is conceived as an apartment within the adjacent residence, counting with a limited surface in the ground floor of only 35sq meters. The challenge consisted in integrating a vast architectonic program in three levels, that contain living room, dining room, kitchen, toilette, tv room, one bedroom with its own bathroom and bunkbed area for guests.

Contemplating the spatial demands, a program is organized in a social block, located in the ground floor, it integrates dining and kitchen in a single open space, that seeks to maximize the sensation of amplitude by using lightweight furniture. A compact full integral kitchen is inserted and a floating table for dining supported on the center by a hanging structure helps to keep the sensation of lightness in the space. The second social block integrates in the first level, where a tv. room is created that is resolved by using the blind wall for projections. It is contemplated to use this space with a double purpose by installing a couple of retractile bunk beds that are displayed when required without subtracting useful space. The third and last block is destined as an intimate zone where the bedroom and bathroom are located.


One of the premises stablished by the client was the visual communication from the ground floor to the last level, making it a triple loft that adds a sensation of openness for which the levels communicate through stairs of light structure. A first stair connects the ground floor and first level with just one diagonal, with a structure formed with the movement of just one trace. The second stair of helicoidally nature, links the resting levels. With a subtle wrapping it allows to enjoy the transition from one level to another, with visuals to the rest of the department. The palette of materials in the interior is minimal, it is composed by wood, glass and steel, that provide the space with a clean environment and a contemporary image.


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Department Of Architecture  FORUM.

Loft 7.2.