Main Entrance


Client: Autonomous University of Durango.

Dr. Martin G. Soriano Sariñana. MC. Araseli Villanueva Ortega. Durango, Durango. México 2015.


Photography: Eli Román.

Structural Calculation: Ing. Jesús González Flores.

Lighting Design: LOZ Architectural Lighting Design.

Surface: 1200 m2  / 370 m2 cubiertos.

Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano.

Design Team:  Arq. Alejandro Galindo Alanis (project manager),

Arq. Heriberto Díaz Ortega. (render and 3d), Arq. Luis A. Delgado Contreras

(draw 2d).

The project is originated in response to the necessity of renovation in the image of the Autonomous University of Durango’s main campus, this initiative seeks to stablish a new character and revalue the identity of the institution.


The main factors to consider in this intervention were the new functional configuration of the main entrance having in consideration the pedestrians and the vehicle arrivals, with a total renovation of its use and reinforcing the control of arrival and departure of its users, as well as stablishing a bigger presence in the urban landscape, making an input as a new referent in the urbanistic dynamic of the city.


An access lobby is created, on which a volume of clean geometry elevates to open its faces towards the avenue and the university, creating a great porch that connects the public space with the university, conjugating its self with a water mirror and vegetation under its roof that welcomes the pedestrian that arrives through it. A motor lobby is generated, it runs through the laterals of the lobby of access and crosses the portal. In the far south a direct access to the parking lot of the university is created and in the far north the pedestrian access is placed with control through a module of control gates that delimits the arrival of the users.


The porch defines and marks the hierarchy of the complex, which is solved with a contrast of materials: the neatness and purity of the cold materials like glass, ceramic coating and steel, that are mixed with natural elements like water and vegetation receive the visitor, it builds a barrier between the public and the private through a transition that synthesizes the university character and identity. The change of reflections in the day and night, the natural with the artificial, its vehicular use and pedestrian use and what happens in the spaces of rest and transition on the daily basis complete the project.

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