Design:  D.A. FORUM.

Architects. Jonathan Corral & Martin Soriano

Client: Autonomous University of Durango. Dr. Martin G. Soriano

Sariñana. M.C. Araseli Villanueva Ortega. Durango, Durango. México 2018.

Design Team: Architect.. Heriberto Díaz Ortega. (render & 3d.)


Photography:  Visal.

Structural Calculation: Ing. Jesús González Flores.

After building a new parking lot in a university campus, a space with triangular shape was left which wasn’t destined to a specific use.


The project surges from the necessity of having a gathering space in the mornings, a plaza to have conversations and meetings with other people throughout the school hours. At night we were seeking to have a place that functions as a pavilion that hosts presentations and night events of cultural and educational character.


We also looked to have a sculpture or milestone that marked a visual and volumetric line in the center of the campus, it was solved through a geometry that adapts to the terrain from which two triangular and trapezoidal shapes emerge and unify in to two structures that dialog among each other but do not touch, steel is the only material used, divided in different sections different beams align forming a covered surface which on day time creates a light projection of shadows simulating the reed used in constructions in the beach.

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